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This section is dedicated to paid media, which is entirely different than earned media.We do accept submissions for the stories we produce (pro bono) and you can learn more about that here. IF you are interested in a paid media placement we can help you reach our offsite construction audience across multiple platforms. If you think your brand is a good fit for us we’d love to chat. Here are some options to consider.

Your 15 second message and logo (or supplied video) will be presented by Dave at the introduction of the LIVE broadcast and all future views on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook.

Your logo will appear during the end credits of a series of LIVE video broadcasts. Videos remain available for future views on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook.

Leaderboard and medium rectangle ads featured across the DaveCooper.Live website on the video pages. 

A custom 45 minute LIVE stream video featuring you, your company and your product broadcast on LinkedIn LIVE, YouTube and Facebook. A casual conversation with Dave engaging with his audience and yours.

A custom 45 minute recorded video featuring you, your company and your product distributed across LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook. Includes social media promotion on all DaveCooper.Live platforms.

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We do NOT accept payment for any of the guests we feature. These are authentic conversations happening at industry events or on location. However, if you are one of these people, brands or a PR firm representing someone with a great story, innovative product or process, we’d love to hear from you. In addition to #Offsite Construction with Dave Cooper, we run a collaborative series on HerStories in Housing and NextGen. Thanks again for sharing your story – and for being part of our audience!

Submissions can be sent to: info@DaveCooper.Live

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