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Dave Cooper LIVE is an online talk show about the technology, innovation and evolution enabling us to Build It Better. Healthier homes and buildings. More profitable businesses. Safer, more advanced methods of construction. These are the conversations advancing the ecosystem of construction and improving our built environment.

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Change Makers and Home Builders

#AdvancingConstruction with Dave Cooper is a LIVE online editorial series for innovators and about innovation in the built environment. It’s a behind-the-scenes conversation with builders, bankers, business owners and all around smart people improving the way we build. It’s for anyone who wants to build a better product or find a smarter process. We invite you to join in our conversation!


I'm Dave

I am a home builder, vlogger and believer in the power of personal brand. I started creating video content to showcase the value of modular construction. Over time, I connected with industry leaders changing the way we build new homes, specifically in the offsite construction marketplace. These conversations inspired me to create this video series.


What I Do

I help industry experts share their story, their industry insight or forecasts so that others can connect with new partners, find new resources, drive change and grow their business.  These conversations are rooted in innovation and inclusivity within the niche marketplace of prefabrication and offsite construction. It’s an inside look at the places and with the people who make it all happen.

Dave is so good at shining a light on the people, places and things that may not normally see the sun shine.

— Myles Biggs, RJT Media

Why I Do It

I believe in building a social force showcasing the art of offsite construction. I believe in the power of collaboration. I believe in sharing the stories behind our success in order to collectively address the challenges we face, like housing attainability and labor shortages. And I believe in driving meaningful results. Together, we can evolve the ecosystem of construction.

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