Out of the Box Solutions for Housing Affordability with Boxabl Founder Paolo Tiramani

What does this out of the box thinker and inventor of folding homes know about housing affordability? What inspired him to design and build a first of its kind accessory dwelling unit that changed the way we think about housing? Join Paolo Tiramani, Founder of Boxabl on Dave Cooper LIVE as they discuss the future of housing and why we need more creative thinking to solve a global crisis. Check out more of our Boxabl videos on a review of the Casita home, is this tiny home the prefab home solution you are looking for?

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And THANK YOU to ANOTHER creative thinker… Carson Holmquist and the team at @Stream Logistics….experts in High Stakes Freight™. the perfect choice for: Projects with timelines and a specific delivery sequence Shipments with high complexity and unique constraints The new methods of construction need new transportation solutions and THEY are up for the challenge. #BuildItBetter #DaveCooperLIVE #AdvancingConstruction #ConTech2022 #ConstructionTech2022 #OffsiteConstruction #BuildingSystems

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